Monday, October 15, 2012

Fifty and counting

The boy and I were just sitting home, drinking, chatting and playing our favourite music when I was astounded by his lack of knowledge about me, he still didn't know who my favourite Beatle was! I promptly loaded My sweet Lord and and exclaimed baah ofcourse George Harrison. I know most people go with either Mccartney or Lennon, I love John Lennon but there is something about George Harrison that just appeals to me on many levels.

I remember my Mum humming my sweet lord while doing chores, long before I knew bands or artists, when it was just her and I and my days consisted of following her around mimicking everything she did. This happened a long time ago but I remember the moment clearly like it was yesterday, a sunny late afternoon and me listening rapt to this beautiful song in my Mother's sweet voice. And to this date the song never fails to lift my spirits. That I think was one of my earliest introductions to music and fashion that I would later come to love and be inspired by.

I love looking through old pictures and wish I was born earlier and lived in batik prints, tie-die, paisley prints, maxis, wide legged pants, oh wait! I do live in them. But you get my point, it would have been wonderful to have lived in that era not just be inspired by it. So I have been listening to Harrison and Eric Clapton non-stop and trawled tumblr to put together an inspiration post dedicated to my favourite of the Beatles. And the best part is, this is my fiftieth post, I know its a teeny tiny milestone but knowing my attention span its a decent achievement to stick to something. I guess I really like it and the best part is I am not doing it for money or for followers or any of that jazz, I post here because I really like to and that makes me want to come back and post more. Happy Monday all!

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