Friday, October 5, 2012

Random shots taken after dark

Hello hello :D Two posts in a week after almost two months of silence? What can I say except for I love getting my posting mojo back. So I am sharing these pictures more for the accessories than anything else, I know some people post perfect looking pictures but I am not one of them. In the first outfit I am in love with the DIY-ed CK shorts, embroidered camel leather bag and the crochet cardigan thing and in the second with the gauzy skirt and the neck party.

I bought the shorts from a vintage shop in Surry hills which I haunt for denim and bags, the embroidered bag was a gift, the crochet cardigan is from the Manly markets, the gauzy skirt is from Paharganj, Delhi and the neck bling is from all over. I bought this skirt on one of my first few days in Delhi with my soul-sister, promptly wore it to go see the Qutab minar and I think I'll always treasure it because of the person I bought it with and the people I met while wearing it for the first time. Yea I am sentimental like that.

The more I read about fashion in most magazines the more I am inspired to just dress for myself, I can't really understand how it is okay for magazines to tell us that we are not good enough if we're not dressing for our body-type, we need to wear certain colours or certain things are not in and wearing them will make us look what? Silly??? Stupid??? Well Bleh! I am barely five feet tall and I will wear maxi skirts and dresses without heels because I WANT to. I am fed up with people telling me what looks good on me or even worse what is appropriate.

Appropriate or inappropriate is all in one's head if you ask me, telling people how they should dress or behave is just plain idiotic. If it is 40 deg celcius outside I will wear the least amount of clothing and if that makes you insecure to have me around your man or woman, one go see a shrink and get rid of your insecurities and two go run round the block to whip your body into shape instead of telling me to dress appropriately!!! Phew rant over.

I've been wanting to get this off my chest for ages, the trip back home was filled with people who made me tremendously uncomfortable about being who I am. The worst part of it all was that more women seemed to be intent on girl shaming than men. But something my Dad said stayed with me "You don't have to change who you are or lie about anything as long as you are happy with yourself". Thankfully my parents are wonderful people and are happy to let me grow into whoever I want to be. I think I should actually sit and do a post on how stupid it is to judge people on the basis of how they choose to dress or undress their body. But in the meantime I have read a pretty good post on the topic and you should definitely read Courtney's blog, especially this post

Happy friday everyone!


Keit said...

People love telling others how to live and how to look, it's just their nature-being assholes and thinking they're perfect. Stay true to yourself! I am your true fan, I love the way you dress and express yourself!

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songbird said...

i loved what courtney wrote..she hit the nail bang on..and i love what your dad said..i do not understand girls who girl-shame..and what is ridiculous is i have actually seen some girls sort of shielding their boyfriends when they see a decent looking,well dressed girl walk by..hell it has happened to me and my best friend..i don't know if that's just india or calcutta or whatever..but society is ridiculous.period.