Sunday, October 14, 2012

What I wore and the news that saddened me this week

Camouflage shorts: DIYed old pants, Flannel & Sweater: Thrifted, Sandals: Whittner, Jewelery: Gifted/ India, Bag: Oxfam

After the heat in Asia I think I love this un-decidedness of the weather here, its sometimes warm enough for the beach, then the weather decides to cool down enough to wear sweaters and denim jackets. PERFECT. I can layer all the plaid and denim and wool I want but still get to wear my shorts without tights and we spotted a mini-snow leopard kitty enroute to my usual picture taking spot! Somedays I tell ya make me happy :D

I know that I mostly put up photos of my outfits here but I want this little space on the www to my little corner where I can talk about anything affecting me. Right now I cannot get Malala Yousufzai out of my mind, a fourteen year old girl who has been shot in the head and neck because she dared to claim her right to an education and speak up against girls not being allowed to go to school by the Taliban. Seriously how bad can the world get, this girl is FOURTEEN! Aargh! One shouldn't have to fight for one's basic fundamental rights at this age, one shouldn't have to be this brave, one sure as as hell shouldn't be gunned down by this barbaric mindset. I have no words to describe how strongly I feel against such atrocities and how much distaste I have for people who claim that western cultural influences are ruining eastern women. I hope and pray that she comes out of this terrible ordeal with her health and spirit intact and the Taliban never have another chance to do this to her or anyone else again.

I was debating whether to put the pictures of my outfit with this post, because you know it touches on something so tragic but then I thought isn't this what feminism is about? Exercising our right to choose who we want to be? How we want to portray ourselves? I choose to be whoever I feel like being and I thank my lucky stars that I was born to the parents I was and then feel tremendous sadness. Because in this day and age it is just the circumstances of my birth which I had no control over, that determine that I am sitting at home and writing this post and this brave little girl is fighting for her life.

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songbird said...

i just hope she gets well..and gets out safe..i am following the news closely..and i love what you said...the only thing that has allowed me and you to live our lives the way we do is thanks to our parents..because even in india we could have been born in some really conservative and/or poor household..fighting daily for basic rights..basic needs..