Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And the oversize denim fest continues

Denim vest: Hacked vintage Levis, Booties: Whittner, Silver jewellery: Gifted+India+Sydney markets

Organizing my closet has resulted in many delightful discoveries one of them had been two identical Levis oversize denim jackets et voila my new favourite denim vest. Paired with yet another worn to death band tee, a gifted ballet skirt and booties, I had an outfit that I loved. Easy peasy! Although its been hard to take the vest off plus I am constantly thinking of DIY patchwork ideas and forgetting to pay attention when I am crossing the street etc. Does anyone else obsess about things like this constantly? Hope everyone's Christmas plans are on track, I haven't even started shopping yet. Off I go to look at goodies online. Happy mid week all!


Sianna said...

Great look! The boots are awesome!

Keit said...

Hhaha, yeah I usuall wonder off when I'm thinking of ways to upgrade the wardrobe. Never on the street though, because drivers here are lunatics :-D
The vest look awesome with the shirt and boots and skirt. Man, love it!

Varun Rajendran said...