Saturday, December 22, 2012


Since my last post I've been keeping busy working, getting things ready for the holiday and our special guest, gardening, finishing a few DIY projects and I am pleased to present the results of more needlework on denim personalization. After my first few projects went well, I got more confident, a few boxes of mirrors from the craft store and some furious embroidering later I finally had a Mexican day of the dead sugar skull-esque design on my old mink pink skirt and a paisley mirror work patch on my old Levi's 501s. It gives me lots of joy that I am wearing something that I personalized myself, not to mention a whole new fun twist to my old clothes and I am happy to report I haven't been tempted by any new pairs of shorts this summer inspite of greedily eyeing a few things from Ksubi and Insight :D

The best part about this spring/ summer has been our new balcony garden and it is awesome to see things we've planted grow with abandon all over the place. I might have to stop planting new cuttings because it already resembles a mini jungle, has started to attract weird looking insects and heaps of birds and I am afraid of tempting native wildlife (read scary lizards) to pay us a visit. I hope everyone is having a beautiful lead up to the holidays and spending heaps of time with loved ones. Happy Saturday all!

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