Friday, December 7, 2012

Vest obsession still going strong

Skirt: Bondi markets, Crop top: Factorie, Vest: Vintage Levis, Wedges: Wittner, Jewellery: Gifted+India

Okay we've got to accept that I am officially obsessed with my vest, its just so perfect I try to wear it everyday with everything or did for the first few days after I hacked the sleeves off. Now I am back to obsessing about crochet and flared pants which doesn't mean that you've seen the last of this vest. I am just planning my DIY and then I'll probably sleep in it for a month.

Yesterday, I came home to a beautiful package from my bestest friend and it has made me a happy little girl. Among other things it has this totally rad singlet that I cannot wait to wear, since it was meant as my Christmas gift I am going to try to wait for Christmas to wear it or as close as I can get to the holidays. Baaaah, I have no patience! Basically my point of telling you this mundane detail of my life is that surprise packages make me happy therefore they must make other people happy as well ergo people should send each other more handwritten letters, postcards, notes and packages :D

Happy lead up to the holidays everyone, eight sleeps to go till a very special person visits the boy and I...CANNOT WAIT!

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Carla Florendo said...

love this denim vest.. i've been looking for the perfect one and i think yours is... can i steal it from you? haha

xo, Carla
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