Sunday, December 30, 2012

Amour eux de la montagne

Dress: Indonesia, Bag: Vintage, Silver: India+Sydney markets, Leather back-pack: Vintage, Shoes: Palladium

We spend the last weekend of the year, at the Blue mountains just outside Sydney exploring caves, walking up and down beautiful mountain tracks, chilling by stunning water falls, saying hello to wild wallabies, eclectus parrots and more water dragons than I was comfortable with. I left the house wearing a pair of fluro pants and my crochet cardie but discovered it was super hot when we got there so I changed into a kinda tattered/ almost backless maxi with my trusty Palladiums, they look great with anything, are super light compared to other hiking boots I've seen and they were exceedingly useful on the Himalayas during monsoon, even more than the professional walking shoes that people had bought for heaps more money, I rest my case. I don't know about anyone else but for me, Palladiums rule! I can't wait to buy a few more on sale, been eyeing the leather ones lately but I think the canvas pairs can take more beating. Hope everyone is has awesome end of the year plans, and 2013 is wonderful! Happy Sunday all!


Keit said...

Never heard of Palladiums, actually :D
Let me just say, that dress is hot!!!!! O.O

shooting star said...

the dress is pretty!!
oh!! to roam like you did wow!!

aki! said...

I don't know if I would go out exploring in a skirt, but I'm a very amateur explorer. Love the pattern of the skirt.