Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fringe spirited

Vest: Op-shopped, Fringe sandals: Sportsgirl, Bag: Sydney markets, Jewellery: All over

I had decided that 2013 will include posts about things other than just what I am wearing but then this op-shop find/vest happened. I mean seriously? Its vintage, its suede, it was dirt cheap and it is the very definition of fringy awesomeness. I wanted to wear it all by itself in its tasseled glory but then it was pointed out to me, there might be unwelcome consequences so I just piled it over super worn in white tees+tie-dye cardie-thing. The bag I am wearing is handmade from the markets here in Sydney and was a part of my awesome Chrissy gifts last year from the boy and the amber necklace I am wearing was a gift from the boy's Maman this holiday season, good taste runs in the family :D

Hope your first two weeks of 2013 have been amazing. I am an aunt now so I feel very grown up and responsible. Happy Tuesday all!

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