Monday, January 28, 2013

The Nomad

Super old Camo skinnies: Don't remember, Shell anklet+Embroidered Shawl: India, Suede sandals: Wittner, Crochet top: Vintage

It hasn't stopped raining for the last two days, now the winds have taken a decidedly cyclonic turn, parts of Queensland and northern NSW are flooded and I am sitting at home willing my mouth to heal from the wisdom tooth extraction. All in all a super lazy, stay at home weekend consisting of eating mushed up food, ice-cream and watching movies.

Nothing screams comfort to me like super old jeans, crochet, warm shawl, carpet bag and comfy sandals, therefore this outfit. Hope every-one else has had a dentist free time and are staying dry. Come back Sun and I promise never to complain about the heat.


songbird said...

the same way i feel about the warm sun your outfit..i had a dentist free weekend but well..hope you feel better soon!!

Keit said...

Wow, bitchy weather there!
Blaaah, you had your wisdom tooth removed, it sucks! At least they use anaesthetics :-D I loooove anaesthetics!
Aaaah, you and high heels, so spicy! And gorgeous as usual, duh!

Vix said...

I absolutely love your outfit, that bag rocks!
Poor you, what with a tooth extraction & that rotten weather, at least you look fabulous. xxx