Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I love old clothes aka size does not matter

Leather shorts+tee-shirts: Vintage, Floral skirt: One tea-spoon, Doc Martens

Hi! My name is Tanaya and I love man repelling clothing. The loose leather shorts in the first few pictures, the super old, almost falling apart Metallica tee-shirt plus the over-sized Doc Martens in the last two pictures are things that I love love love and refuse to stop wearing. I have been told quite often lately by well-meaning people that they fail to understand why I want to look ugly when I can look heaps better by wearing tighter more well-fitting clothes. Hmmm! And on one occasion even that I don't need to hide my body since I am skinny, which made my blood boil. So if a person is a little over the size that is deemed appropriate by heaven knows who, one is banned from wearing fitted clothes? Seriously SERIOUSLY???!!!

As you can imagine that statement led to a pretty passionate discussion which thankfully for you won't result in a rant here. But basically I just want to say if as a size zero girl I am happy wearing oversize clothes its my perogative, if I don't want to balance said oversize item of clothing with more fitted little friends again my business, if I want to wear head to toe ill fitting garments, again completely my choice and the phrase age-appropriate makes me want to hurl things. I respect people's right to express or not express their individuality through apparel they don and I am fiercely protective of that right for myself. So all in all clothes that hang off my frame are fun, Docs that are a size bigger so I don't have to break them in are awesome (even if they look comical according to some), loose/old clothes that make me feel like I am wearing sweats are wonderful and above all playing with size and proportions is pretty darn entertaining. More people should try it. What are your thoughts on the topic?

P.S. I received my first letter addressed to Mademoiselle Tanaya today. How fun is that? And the sun's back out (for now) and my tooth is much better, thank you for your kind comments on my last post.


Vix said...

I hear you, sister! These idiots need to keep their fashion advice to themselves, you look utterly fabulous and don't need to change a thing.
Men don't feel the need to dress to show off their shape and why should we? It's the 21st Century after all. xxx

songbird said...

ok first of all glad to hear about your tooth..and how awesome was that letter..i know!
secondly i love your style and see nothing wrong in wearing baggy/fitted clothes irrespective of body type.i mean wtf is wrong with people!

Helga! said...

I totally LOVE these two rockin' outfits! The first reminds me of a favourite outfit I used to wear in the 90's, cut off black denims and a rock n roll T of some description.
Who the hell cares what people think?! Pah, comfort AND style were achieved here! X