Monday, January 7, 2013


The first weekend of 2013 was gearing up to be a scorcher and we decided to spend it at Jervis bay a 100 odd square kms bay, about two hours outside of Sydney, basically heaps of different beaches and lots to do in terms of holiday entertainment. Since it was just a weekend trip I wanted to pack right, normally I pack too much or too little or haphazardly and miss my wardrobe options too much. I decided to put things together make sets to help me decide what to take,here are the things that made the final cut. A pair of worn to death and then dipped in multi-colour shorts, my latest favourite vintage leather shorts, vintage Harley Davidson cross body bag to carry my wrap+phone on the beach, band tees, missoni-esque sarong, and boots that looked a bit too new for my liking and I thought stomping around in them all weekend would make them more me, swimmers, a cotton top to wear over the shorts in case it was too hot for tees, a vintage corduroy shirt whose sleeves were hacked off in case I needed layers, I also took my flip flops and silver jewellery which you will have to wait to see in the outfit posts. What would you pack for a weekend away at the beach?


Count To Four said...

love those boots!

Paula RL said...

Great choices! So envious of your beach days.. here is cold winter and I'm soooooo tired!
XOXO, Collage Minimalista