Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Denim on crochet

Crochet shorts: Vintage, Denim shirt & Bag: Vintage+DIY, Boots: Docs

Its finally cold enough to wear my Docs and thick denim shirt that I painstaking embroidered. When there is fun stuff to wear just popping by the closest super-market becomes fun. Hope everyone's having a peaceful week so far. Happy Wednesday!

Edit: New Zealand just legalized same-sex marriage. YAAAAAAAAAAAY


Vix said...

How much do I want those shorts? Too much! I love them.
Your embroidery is so fabulous it takes my breath away!
Good on NZ. xxx

Jo said...
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Jo said...

Your shorts are great and the shirt!
You are so lucky that you can wear shorts in OZ and even in winter time. I lived in New Zealand and Brisbane for years. I really miss the warm weather!
Great to find your blog, I will now follow you, thanks to our friend Vix leading me here. ;-)

Helga! said...

How fecking cool is NZ?! Best thing I've heard in ages!
Those shorts! So cute, SO tiny!!!
You are the embroidery Queen!!!

Emalina said...

What a brilliant outfit, I love those cute crochet hotpants! You look amazing.