Monday, April 15, 2013

Shubo Noboborsho

Dress: Gifted, Suede fringe sandals, Leather belt & Fabric and leather bag: India, Jeweller: All over

I don't understand why people shy away from yellow, its such a pretty colour and also I don't understand why people start dressing in various shades of dull-ness once the cooler months start. Not that its getting colder in Sydney, its been sunny but plesant here for the past few days and I love it. I know it won't stay this way for very long and that's why I am enjoying the last bits of sunshine before starting to dress in serious layers.

I hope to still look like myself not the Michelin man once the temperatures start to dip, its very hard though, I have the habit of wearing everything I own in an attempt to stay toasty. Hopefully spring has arrived for all the people who are tired of the cold up North and its getting warmer. I know I look like I am dressing more for spring than autumn but so far autumn in Sydney has just been beach weather so while the sun shines down I am going to be as summery as I want. The title of the post refers to the fact that today is the start of the New year for a lot of people who follow the Solar/ Hindu calender in South-East Asia, to everyone celebrating today, Happy New Year. Have a great start to the week.


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Happy New Year sweetness!! I know, here in Brissy is much the same - if autumn doesn't get here soon my winter clothes are threatening to go on strike. Eeeeeek!! I love layers! Your dress is absolutely gawwwwwjusss and I'm afraid the necklace you're wearing needs to be on me now. Heheeeeeeeee :) xoxoxoxoxxoo

Vix said...

I never fail to laugh when I read about people wanting to embrace winter. Believe me, if you had to live in the Northern hemisphere you would be miserable after 24 hours! Dry skin, rubbish hair, blue with cold. Vile!
Love you in yellow, that sweet knot is adorable. xxx

flysongbird said...

shubho nobo borsho!i am someone who shies away from solid bright shades, but i love this kurti/dress..i am thinking how badly i would be harassed on the streets here if i wore it this way...sigh..i wanna leave this place.

Emalina said...

wow what an amazing print! I love how you've styled it with the incredible jewellery. Can we do a swop, you can have our cold british weather and we'll get to try your hot sunshine!

Charlotte Adele said...

I love yellow, unfortunately it looks pretty dodgy with my uber pale skin, maybe when I get a bit more sun!

Charlotte Adele

Keit said...

Yes, I always wondered why people all of a sudden turn into big, black spots when colder days arrive.
My favorite color is yellow, I think it makes everything seem happier :D And I just adore your shiny dress!