Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sea shells and Block print

Tunic: Jaipur, India, Jewellery: Sydney markets and India

A cluster of shell necklaces, tiny block-print tunic, a vintage leather tooled beauty, little flower crown, ethnic cuffs, little things that cheer me up at the end of a dreary break...The last day of the Easter holidays saw me sleeping really late and then I decided to walk around the neighbourhood in search of something yummy to eat/ just walk the little laneways and look greedily at pretty houses with pretty plants. Not a great outfit post but this is what I normally wear; prints I like, loads of jewellery especially the kind I am obsessed with at a particular time, which right now happens to be cowrie shells for some reason, as many flowers as I can stick around me and comfy boots. Basically not something that is well thought out but just things that make me happy whether they are on or off me.

What are your go to pieces? Things that you are obsessed with at the moment?


shooting star said...

Im really liking the sea sheels and block print look so bohemian!!

if that how u dress..i think u got a great sense of style and are free spirited!!

as for me, am obsessed about a lot of things right now..but mostly on pop colors!!

Helga! said...

OMG, that tooled leather HANDBAG!!!! Swoon! I adore me some good 70's tooled leather.
I am obsessed with everything that ISN'T in my bloody wardrobe right now!! I'm just bored, it's that seasonal change thing, when I decide I have nothing suitable...but I do, I'm just being a bitch! Winter must have a scarves, warm scarves, as I can't bear a chilly neck/chest. I have a shitload of warm hats, but always whinge about wearing them!
Cowrie shells! Just beautiful, I used to have a necklace, wonder if it's tucked away somewhere??
That house is the most gorgeous colour!

Keit said...

Right now I'm obsessed with my ugly, hooded jacket :D Can't stop wearing it, although I look like a hobo.
Damn it, you have the coolest outfits always, the bag is superb!!!!!!! O_O

Vix said...

I'm obsessed with that handbag, I'm going to fight Helga for it! I love the sweet dress and the booties, too. Your neighbourhood is heavenly! x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Aaaaaaaaaah what a wonderfully divooooooooooon free spirit you are!!!! I found you via our glorious Helga's Friday's Five and I'm so happy to be following you! In fact I'm popping you up on my blogroll pronto so I don't miss a thing! Hugs, Desiree xo