Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Autumn sunsets

Dress: Anokhi (Birthday gift last year), Boots: Nine West, Bag: Vintage, Stone and shell jewellery: Gifts+All over

We had great weather over the weekend which meant going to the beach and playing with puppies at the rock pools till sunset. And warm weather (any weather really) calls for a soft cotton dresses and comfy boots. This dress is a one of my birthday gifts from my sister last year that I have been wearing non-stop for over a year and am not even remotely bored with it. Hope you all had a good weekend. Happy start of a new week!


Helga! said...

How totally glorious has this last couple of days been?! These are stunning pix, and I adore your tunic!
Pissed down rain SO hard here about 2 hours ago-Winter's on it's way, darl! XXX

Vix said...

The sunset is stunning but you're even more beautiful! That dress is wonderful, your sister must be as cool as you are. xxx

Nancy Spitaleri said...

This look is wonderful. The dress is really my style.
I'm your new follower ... would you like to follow each other?


xoxo Nancy S.

Emalina said...

Wow great shots! Your dress is gorgeous, and it's lovely to see your beautiful face! Sunsets are the best.

flysongbird said...

i think something is wrong with the whatsapp..i msgd you twice but didn't get a respons :(..how have you been...you look as lovely as the sunset..it is unbearably hot here..

Regine Karpel said...

Beautiful photos and look!

Helga! said...

Darling heart, I am only changing planes in Sydney, to meet Sarah in Canberra...trust me, when I come to Sydney for any length of time, I am going to DEMAND to meet you! XXXXXXX