Thursday, November 29, 2012

Des fringues vintage

Skirt and Bag: Vintage, Shoes: Wittner, Top: Portmans, Jewellery: Gifted+India+Sydney markets

I've had this leather skirt forever but I needed the upheaval caused by the move to re-discovered it at the bottom of a suitcase and wore it the other day to get some burritos in Surry hills with the boy. It makes me happy that I looked for ages to find the perfect vintage skirt rather than buy one brand new at AA or somewhere else because I don't have to live with the guilt of buying first hand leather. Worn here with a top whose back detail I love, brogues and my current favourite vintage leather bag that looks small but can be stuffed with heaps of things aka the best kinda bag. The post title just means vintage clothes in colloquial French because I am dying to go vintage shopping in Paris. On a cheerier note its almost Friday, Yaaay!


Sabrina said...

What a cute, casual look! Love that you paired this with a leather skirt (my personal favorite), and I love the criss-cross detail in the back!


songbird said...

i was gonna say how much i love the brogues and the back detail on the top..i feel the same way about leather.but i think you would have guessed that.
and a bag which can be stuffed and doesn't turn out looking like i have stuffed potatoes and pumpkins in it sounds pretty awesome to me..

Monica T. said...

Nice blog dear! I'm so impressed.
I become your new follower, would be grateful if you could follow me back. :)))