Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oversize leather jackets are the bomb

Denim skirt: Mink Pink, Shoes: Chucks, Jacket: Vintage, Panda tee: From when I worked at a WWF stall, Jewellery: Gifts/ India

I've had this vintage leather jacket forever and for a long time I wanted to give it away because the shoulder looked really odd on me plus its not the buttery soft texture I like but a little stiff. Then the other night I had a burst of energy before bedtime and decided to cut the lining and pull out the shoulder pads et voila I fell in deep abiding love inspite of the boy calling it the U word. I think the immeasurable depth of my feeling might be due to the fact that I seem to love clothes that most men deem unsexy, just my way of giving a finger to society and the way women are supposed to dress. The uglier more man repellish the clothing the happier I am to be attracted to it :D

I want to be YOLO-ing wearing clothes that resemble shapeless sacks not to mention the innumerable layering possibilities. Yo winter I'm totally going to be ready for you! I mean I really think clothing to fit one's size is highly overrated. What are your thoughts?


Keit said...

Oh, absolutely bad ass! I've been searching for that perfect oversize leather jacket since forever! Can't take my eyes of yours :-D And yeah, most guys find everything repelling if its not short enough :-D

songbird said...

you da bomb tanaya!love the sneaks too..and i think we are going to have another winter where layering possibilities will be slim..