Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bonne fete de la toussaint

Floral denim shorts: Insight, Corduroy shirt: Thrifted, Suede bag: India, Boots: Witchery

Since my last post we've moved into a new house and I am currently obsessed with making a tropical forest-esque garden on my balcony. The rest of the house is a maze of cartons filled with my various wordly posessions, needless to say I hate unpacking and organising. I totally welcome decor DIY ideas and am constantly checking home decor blogs, might even do a "hey look at my pretty house" post when I successfully do up the place.

This whole outfit post has come about because of my said obsession with terrace foliage, my lovely corduroy men's shirt/ jacket, denim flower print shorts and the beautiful suede perfection on my shoulder. Its not easy to blog about what I am wearing while I have to comb through half a dozen suitcases but its no excuse to vanish from the blogosphere altogether therefore here I am as usual talking about my latest loves from my own closet. In a way its fun though, to find things I already have and fall back in love with them since I refuse to be a part of the use and throw fast fashion bandwagon. I shall stop now because more home decor inspiration beckons. Have a fun El Dia de los Muertos!


shooting star said...

love the background with all the plants!!

and love the jacket!!

me hates unpacking and packing!!

songbird said...

love the bag and jacket and all..i am looking forward to an apartment tour!

Kalyani said...

Hey Sydney blogger, nice to stumble upon ur your styling and great photos too!
Another Sydney blogger:-)