Sunday, November 18, 2012

More over size leather jacket love

Saturday basically consisted of sleeping in till super late, having yummy lunch courtesy the boy's culinary prowess, taking a super long nap, going out for some divine gelato and then walking around little lanes of Surry hills before going to the friendly neighbourhood pub for a couple of pints. Nothing could be more suited to an easy relaxed day like another oversize-nana-jumper like leather-jacket over a worn in tee, my current fave shoes from Zara and an army surplus bag that I am itching to stitch patches on. The boy is making hilarious jokes about crappy yoghurt ads in France plus the Gremlins movie is playing in the background and there are comments being made in a furby voice therefore I can't think of much to write. Happy Sunday all!


Keit said...

Phaaha, the dumbest commerials are on youghrt and washing powder :-D
That top is exquisite :-D And wooohooo, awesome shoes O.O

Paula RL said...

You look wonderful!! Love the jacket and the heels!

XOXO, Collage Minimalista

songbird said...

love the tee,,jacket,awesome shoes,neck piece and the sky!!happy sunday!