Saturday, November 24, 2012

In which I wore a top as a dress

Crochet shift: Vintage, Suede bag: Thrifted, Hat: Witchery, Moccasins: Zara, Silver Jewellery: Gifted/ India

I've had this crochet top for quite sometime now and because its long enough to cover my butt I've decided its going to be my favourite tunic. I would have loved to wear it with moto boots or one of my high heeled boots but I have a tooth infection and I just wanted to be comfortable since it feels like my face and jaw have been hit by a truck and nothing says comfort more than moccasins that make me feel like I am barefeet. I cannot stress the importance of buying Vintage enough so I'll just say, this dress is the one of the prettiest silk yarn/ hand made crochet I've ever seen. It was made by someone long before sweat shops came into existence and buying something like this anywhere else today would cost a bomb and put money into the hands of horrible big corporations. Please support your local vintage+thrift stores, women owned+ small businesses, anyone but sweatshop labour product stocking multi million dollar companies who feed off this use and throw fashion craze.

At a Vintage store you're supporting people who usually have a vision of art and fashion that excludes profiting off underpaid people's effort and making people feel like they are crap if they are not wearing the lastest 'it' clothes. I am consciously trying to buy less and less from places that are devoid of ethics but its an uphill battle and a constant journey of self reflection and it is heartening to see that a lot of people in the blogosphere also have similar views and are supporting ethical businesses over cheap fast fashion stores. Have a beautiful weekend, I am off to take another dose of painkillers before my jaw breaks.


Keit said...

Absolutely agree, it's all second hand for me. Although from time to time, I really mess up and buy something from the Mall, the shame.. :D
Damn, you have the coolest rings girl!

songbird said...

o i hope your jaw stops hurting!!!that sounds bad..
about the things you said about buying from vintage or small vendors i totally the dress/top..and the neck pieces are just so good!
get well jaldi jaldi!

immerlight said...

Great outfit! Love the jewelry!)