Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In which I wear a Shiva tee-shirt and prance on rocks

So we've been having a few really nice summer evenings lately, on such days nothing says fun more than making my way to a little beach and have a play date with the boy. This tee-shirt was one of the things that I got for him from my trip to India and since he doesn't seem to wear it much, it has become my latest fave. I mean its not like I am taking gifts back or anything, he has worn it maybe twice in five months and I am just borrowing it (or that is what I tell myself and him). And anyway falling in love with gifts that I have given and demanding them back and throwing tantrums if I don't get them back is a favour I seem to reserve solely for my sister!

Back to the tee-shirt, its batik, its got Shiva on it and is suitably oversized, I mean what's there not to love? Shiva is basically one of my favourite Hindu Gods after all the butt kicking, head chopping, demon killing Goddeses ofcourse. If only the place of women in the Indian society was as respectful as the Goddeses we revere, I would be a happy little person. But since clearly that's not the case, my imagination will have to conjure images of scum killing Goddeses for company. I have been trying to draw a rad Goddess/ super heroine on a tie-dye tee-shirt but that adventure is for another blog post. Have a wonderful mid-week everyone!

Shiva tee-shirt: Janpath, New-Delhi, Suede boots: Witchery, Bag: Vintage


Keit said...

" If only the place of women in the Indian society was as respectful as the Goddeses we revere", couldn't agree more dear!
I say take the t-shirt forever!!! It looks awesome, especially the way you combined it :)

Vix said...

You are such a talented writer, society definitely needs a scum killing goddess or two to sort the world out!
Love that tee shirt on you, it would be a crime to leave it in your boyfriend's wardrobe unworn and after all, it proves you buy him things you love, no half-hearted attempts at gifts from you! xxx