Saturday, February 23, 2013

A few of my favourite things

When I am disturbed and things are not going well, I turn to objects that have always cheered me up, given me comfort and motivation. Here are a few such things; succulents, succulents and more succulents, any kind of plants actually, if I could convert my house into a jungle I'd be happy, fabric/ carpet bags have been inspiring entire outfits lately, my bags are hung all over the room off every conceivable piece of furniture including my book-shelf, chair etc, plaids always have a place in my outfit choices and they look great clashing with the prints on my bags.

I have bought a copper plant hanger from the local Salvos today and can't wait to put a plant in and hang it up. Little things give me great joy in trying times. What inspires you?


Vix said...

I love succulents adn cacti, they are about the only thing I don't manage to kill with kindness!
Love the photo of them artfully displayed on the guitar.
Your bags are wonderful and so are your stash of checked shirts. xxxx

aki! said...

I think I'm sick of both succulents and cacti because I live in the desert. It's the other forms of plants that impress me.

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aki! said...
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