Friday, February 8, 2013

More needle-work on denim adventures

Lately I've been thinking that just posting pictures of my outfits doesn't really define my idea of what this blog should be. I mean of course I want to post pictures of outfits that I really like but let's face it, most of them are going to involve cut-offs and ripped tees, instead of being repetitive I want to share things that I really really inpire me. One of the things that seriously makes me want to decorate my surroundings plus myself is hand-embroidery/ needle-work, there is just something about colourful sewn designs that makes me go aah! I gotta have it!

Also I got a couple of very sweet emails from some of you asking me for photos of the process and DIY needle work tips instead of just putting pictures of my completed designs. So here goes, now for this particular DIY, the idea was to stitch a patch on my denim vest but the fabric is so thick that I broke a couple of needles trying to poke it into submission. So before I did more damage a decision was taken to try my hand at a denim shirt, I have heaps lying around and they make the most wonderful layering pieces in the colder seasons. Since I am documenting this here, I wanted to challenge myself; therefore instead of just using a combination of stitches that I already know I decided to learn one online and then use it to make my shirt pretty. I will share the tutorial that best helps me learn my chosen style instead of making a repeat tutorial. My chosen art form is Kutchi embroidery.

Kutch is a part of the desert in Western India where the artisans sew intricate colourful designs on fabrics that adorn various people and objects. I have wanted to learn this method forever and I just hope I am half as good as the local artisans. It seems like an elaborate process of first making a grid and then interlacing the grid to form an absolutely beautiful design but as I found it isn't as hard as I first thought it was. Here go the pictures of the shirt in different stages of the process as well as the link to the tutorial that I used to learn the Kutchi border design. Please excuse the pencil drawings you can see on the shirt, I haven't washed it yet, scared to put it in the wash for the fear of the mirrors falling off and also I was excited to take pictures and post them. In case any of you decide to try this DIY send me pictures of your endeavours.


Keit said...

The more color the better ^_^ I like your new idea for posts, would love to see more!

Vix said...

What an incredible post! I am blown away with how talented you are, the result is absolutely astounding, I'd wear it in an instant! xxx

Helga! said...

Your sweet, SWEET comment the other day just about made me shit my pants with ecstasy!!! It was just so lovely! So are you!
I am digging this needlework, it's something I always blither about taking up...and then don't, cos I am a lazy arse!
A little cousin to my frida necklace?! Awesomeness! Frida IS so bloody inspirational. We'll all wear Frida necklaces whilst we're doing it in the road in technicolour, shall we?!

songbird said...

your wok is incredible..and i want more than outfit posts as well!

Anonymous said...

That is so clever & looks very good. More posts like this one would be lovely.