Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random photos taken over the past few months

A few photos dug out of the depths of my computer that were taken over the last few months of 2012, sometimes I take photos of things to go through later and then completely forget about them. Things that I have been looking at lately are fabric bags, army bags with patches, my army bag is going to go through some pretty heavy DIY soon, oversize vintage denim jackets (extra points if they are made in Australia), colourful middle eastern ceramics (I want to fill my house with them), ponies and a donkey we met at a street fair (I spent waaay too long trying to be friends with them) and above all ancient Indian architecture. Looking at these photos conjures up the joy that I felt in the moments they were taken. My computer will make a good competition for tumblr with the amount of photos that are floating about in various folders. Hopefully I can post more of them here for anyone who'd like to look. Happy Tuesday all!

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Vix said...

What fab images, you sound like me, I'm always trying to befriend the wildlife! Love that stunning Indian architecture, the vibrant glazed ceramics and of course, your fabulous outfits. More, please! x