Friday, February 15, 2013

In which I put no thought into what I am wearing

Vintage leather backpack, Jewellery and Silk scarf: Sydney markets+India, Plaid Shirt: Minkpink, Cotton dress: Topshop, Suede boots: Wittner

The day that most people equate with over-priced flowers, expensive jewellery and cheesy cards was also the day that women (and a few men) all around the world danced for awareness as well as to demand an end to violance against women. Ofcourse I couldn't stay away from an event like that and joined the crowd of juggling, dancing women and kids at a park close to home and then promptly stalked the cutest puppies in the park. I am not even joking, we went and sat where most doggies were playing till they came over to say hello and proceeded to give them cuddles plus belly rubs. Absolutely the best way to spend an absolutely commercialized sham of a day.

Here's what I wore for comfort and to stay cool. I know I look like something a cat dragged in but that's the way I like to be, sans make-up, wearing what I feel like, keeping the hair off my face with whatever comes first to my hand and generally turning my nose up at spending hours primping and grooming. I'd rather spend hours playing with my clothes, colourful objects, jewellery and running wild in the bush. Speaking of jewellery this is one of my favourite necklaces, I mean its paisley, doesn't that say it all? I love love silk scarfs turned head bands, just messily tying my hair up and hoping it will stay put. Also I am happy to report my creative funk has resulted in a couple of pages of sketched henna designs as well as elephants (I dunno why I am obesessed with Ganesh and elephants) that will hopefully be replicated on tee-shirts soon. Plus I might indulge in some needle-work on this plaid shirt, I wear them shirts a lot and it wouldn't hurt to individualize them a little bit. Also I need DIY ideas for my leather backpacks, since they are suddenly in fashion again, I want to personalize mine, thoughts?

Hope you had fun whatever you did to celebrate the day of love and your loved ones made you feel warm and fuzzy!


Vix said...

Too right, like Xmas, Valentine's is a ridiculous consumer-fest.
Despite you putting no effort into your outfit you look incredible, some people have innate style and you're one of them.
Love your hair tied up with that scarf, your nails and that fabulous jewellery. That picture of you leaning over your sketch pad is a work of art.
Dying to see your designs, I love Ganesh and am in awe of your needlework.
I love you right back! xxxx

Helga! said...

Now THAT is a frigging cause allright, and a far better way to spend such a stupid day!
No effort?! Well, baby, you just got it going on naturally! I look like a complete BERK if I don't think about what I am doing! I am CRAZY for that necklace and pendant, they're just gorgeous.
You are just so bloody gorgeous!

Keit said...

You rock! This outfit is my favorite! The scarf and awesome shirt, not to mention the backpack ^_^
Hmmm...I'm not a very creative person, so after I read "any DIY suggestions to personalize.." I kept staring for 7 minutes straight into oblivion trying to figure out something..what a waste :D