Saturday, May 11, 2013

Block print and cardies

Cotton block print tunic: Gift, Cardie: Vintage, Bag: Thrifted, Boots: Gift

Its no secret that I love Block-print little tunics but combine them with over-size grand-pa cardies and I am in my comfy heaven. Add a bunch of friendly puppies to my favourite cozy outfit and I've got the essentials covered to long-lasting happiness. All I can say right now is TGIF! Have a happy weekend world.


Emalina said...

That block print is so gorgeous, you look beautiful and nice and snug too ready for any weather in that lovely cardie!

xx Macie said...

love the cityscape behind you! and cute puppy. :)


Vix said...

You look so sweet in that lovely block print tunic - ready to conquer the world! How sweet is that pup? xx