Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunset shenanigans

Dress: Mink-pink, Suede-boots: Wittner, Back-pack: Rozelle markets, Jewellery: India+Sydney Markets

Spent Sunday afternoon at the Rozelle markets, met a bunch of lovely puppies and then walked to the Balmain cove to watch a lovely sunset while sipping ice-tea. A lazy Sunday afternoon is just what I needed before the hecticness Monday is sure to bring.

This outfit makes little sense but this is what I do all winter, just pile on layer after layer over a print I like in the hopes of staying warm. This little fabric back-pack is straight out of my dreams and I might never take it off, all I need now is a heap of Cowrie shells that I will hang off it. Hope you have had a great week and a rad weekend.


Vix said...

Beautiful photos, the sky is exquisite and so are you in your artistic layered loveliness! xxx

flysongbird said...

and this is what i love to see you wearing..the photos are so beautiful..i can only guess how much the street pups miss you here..

Emalina said...

I love how that incredible pink sunset is mirrored in your lovely pink scarf. Beautiful photos, gorgeous bracelets.