Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vintage Patchwork leather goodness

Vintage leather & suede top, DIY embroidered Wrangler cut-offs, Pony hair pumps: Wittner, Jewellery: Gifts+All over

I am too tired to wax eloquent about my outfit but I will say this, Vintage worn-in leather is the best!
Happy mid-week world.


Emalina said...

Wow look at your incredible legs! Shown off perfectly with those gorgeous leopard heels, and such cute denim shorts. The vintage leather is stunning on you!

Helga! said...

Initially I thought the post title was "Vintage Pachwork Leather GODDESS"!!! And I was like, yeah, you are a Goddess...and then I realised it was goodness...and it IS! Only you could work it! LOVE those heels, so sexy at the end of your hot legs on that hot bod! XXX

Keit said...

Haha, damn right it is!!! Awesome!

Vix said...

You look gorgeous, your legs are fabulous and I want that suede top! xxx