Monday, May 27, 2013

The correct term for Bollywood is The Hindi Film Industry

I unfortunately chanced upon this horrific video that literally knocked my breath it is so awful. Now I can talk about cultural appropriation and how rich white people's photos/ videos from India and their fetishisation of slums and the colour, our temples and Bollywood makes me want to hurl things. But I am not going to let people like that take away from the fact that try as you might Izzy Azalea or whatever your name is, you can never have the grace and dance like an Indian woman.

Don't believe me? Watch this. That video is the first one to come up in my search, there are countless videos of Hindi and other Indian regional film heriones that I like but I wanted to be neutral. Here is another video that proves my point.

And if I get another person ask me why I like to dress so hippy I will SLAP them. Its not hippy or folksy, I am Indian and I like to wear clothes and jewellery I buy in my country. It is very annoying that suddenly aspects of my culture have become trendy to white people and every other person is sporting coin necklaces, bindis and Ganesh rings. Please learn to say Yoga right and understand what it means before you start a yoga studio and charge heaps to chant OM wrong.


flysongbird said...

it is one thing to have a cultural exchange.i don't mind them wearing fashion inspired from india. this is fucking ridiculous and highly offensive. she is just capitalising on the india-cool factor. this is horrible horrible horrible!it makes no snese. has got nothing to do with india or it's culture no matter how i feel about my own country and it's ways this white supremacy/exploitation has to bloody stop! selena gomez wearing a bindi for a performance was not offensive.she was not exploiting our culture to gain a few sensational brownie points. that was a fashion thing. this is insensitive and offensive!

tanaya said...

Exactly what I think...I don't give a shit when non-Indians wear Bindis but I do get pissed off when I have to pay $3 for a lousy three red non-decorative bindis because suddently every white girl wants to wear it!

I hate it when people describe any colour/ print new to their palette as tribal or hippy. How about just ask what it is? I get annoyed when people say things like WOW! Aishwarya Rai is so pretty doesn't even look Indian. That is not a complement douchebags its insulting.

Keit said...

To be honest I haven't watched a lot of Indian movies or songs. I only watched Devdas and I was extremely energized by the dancing and singing, especially Chalak Chalak :D
My mother is a fan of Indian songs and films, all kinds of them- the old ones the new ones, everything :D
So I get why so many westerners are fascinated by your culture and slowly adopting your style.
But Iggy Azalea is just eeeeeewwww, plain wrong! It's bad enough when they make dumb assholes like Justin Bieber famous, now we have THIS b*tch...I can see this is wrong on so many levels, and I'm not even Indian -_-

tanaya said...

I am glad you feel this way too Keit, she is a white Australian trying to rap while exotifying India. Like seriously with the colonial and racist past this country has it bloody wrong. What I hate is that when I wear things that represent my culture I am called a curry muncher but then the same idiots will exotify and wear the same things. Your or your Mothers appreciation comes from a genuine interest its not because it's trendy xxx

tanaya said...
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