Monday, May 13, 2013

Mountains days and nights

I was working on Saturday when the boy said he was renting a car and we were going to the mountains, I thought it was just something he said because it was past three pm on a Saturday afternoon and the rental places were shutting soon. But 45 minutes later he let me know he was on his way to pick me up from work and he'd rented this HUGE ass four-wheel drive to go exploring in and I just went SQUEEEEEE!

We drove home, packed in a jiffy and in less than an hour were driving towards the Blue mountains with a bike in our trunk, ah the fresh mountain air does wonders for my soul. We parked by the most breath-taking views of the peaks as well as the bush and settled in for the night in the car. Think loads of block-printed bed-sheets draped all over to make the most magical caravan and sleeping atop a heap of quilts+air mattress. It was the best setting ever to drink ice-tea and watch the Life of Pi before we feel asleep to the quietest quiet I have heard in a long time.

Woke up to the most beautiful morning light streaming through the fabric we'd hung all over and stepped out of the car to the first two photos. Started the day with breakkie at our favourite cafe, shopped around at the various op-shops and hippy markets then proceeded to spend the day walking in bush in a ton of layers to keep warm. I live for days like these. Stayed away from the internet and the phone except for texting our respective Mommies. Here are a few photos of the lovely day. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY world.


Vix said...

Wow! Just wow! What incredibly beautiful scenery, flora and fauna. What a thoughtful man you have.
Love everything you're wearing. xxx

Keit said...

Wheee, sounds like an awesome weekend ^_^ So jelly!

Darn that skirt is furious!!!! O_O