Thursday, June 28, 2012

90s sitcom flashback

Does any one else remember and miss Clarissa Explains it all? It was something my sister and I were a little bit obsessed with as pre-teens. Haha! Not many people remember or mention it these days but back in the day I certainly thought it was awesome. And the best part about the series? Clarissa and Sam (her guy best friend), with their co-ordinated/ miss matched outfits and super cool friendship. It was and still is cool to have a TV pair of the opposite sex who donot end up romantically involved.

Just the other day I watched an episode online and to my surprise still enjoyed it. Not to mention her bedroom sigh! I still think it was the coolest place for anyone, any age! I mean sure my tastes have matured (Haah!) a little bit but there are still things to loveeeeeeee! And her creation of video games based on situations in her life resonated with me because I used to draw/ write little comic strips. They were mostly of mentally ejecting most of my school teachers beyond 500km radius of me but hey! she had her struggles and I had mine.

And I totally was into her way of dressing, she may have been one of my very first inspirations. Clearly I still haven't outgrown my love of wearing every single hue in the colour wheel. And after watching yet another episode I fished out a tie-dye dress that is the long lost twin of Sam's tee-shirt, dressed up, put my favourite boots on and demanded to go somewhere fun. My long-suffering boy-friend smiled indulgently and off we went to get some yummier than yummy gelato. Salted coconut and mango gelato and tie-dye sam inspired dress are a match made in heaven.

All pictures via tumblr.

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