Saturday, June 30, 2012

Easy breezy market bound

Mexican dress: Glebe Markets, Jewellery: India, Boots: Nine West, Yellow suede bag: Random pop-up shop

I wore this easy breezy outfit with silver bling to and around the Paddington markets on Saturday. A warm winter's day with the sun shining merrily on us, had yummy rocket salad and fresh pasta for lunch and then walked to all over Oxford street and around the leafy lanes of Paddington with no clear direction or destination in mind. One of the best laid back Saturday afternoons in a lonnnnng time. Got to play with loads of puppies and came home cajoling the boy to go look at a few up for adoption at the local animal shelters. Hope we are finally over the wet spell and the rest of the winter is as beautiful weather wise.


songbird said...

love the jewellery and that bag...i want!
following you via bloglovin and GFC as well :)

tanaya said...

The jewellery is from that Tibetan shop in New market...You know where I am talking about? Hope it still exists...Bag is made in India...Yaaay to the Motherland!

songbird said...

o o you mean chamba lama i think..yep yep it's still there!