Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mix n Un-Match

Does anyone think that Maxi dresses/ skirts are the best thing invented by people? I certainly think so...The best part is I can pile layers upon layers of blankety clothing and still not look like a walking bed! I am a complete baby when it comes to the cold and the fear that I might freeze makes me do completely irrational things.

The worst part is that Sydney isn't even super cold, I mean it is but it doesn't snow or anything. I can barely handle the cold, wind and the rain, if it snowed I think I would just curl up in a fetal position under my doonas and refuse to function for the duration of the cold spell. As it is I dress like we're living in the Arctic circle.

Anywho in order to cheer myself up today I piled on the jewellery. I know it looks a bit much to normal people but on my planet this is almost minimalistic. What? Move to a different planet did you say? Pfft I love where I am thank you very much, strange voices!

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