Monday, June 25, 2012

To market to market

WARNING: This is a picture heavy post. A lot of people find inspirations at the designer stores or at the high street shops and magazines but me I truly find various markets, colourful stalls, globetrotting sellers and their quirky trawlers the most inspiring. Over the past four years the different weekend markets in Sydney have never failed to stimulate, excite and sometimes stun me with their vibrant wares and creative stall-holders as well as customers. Getting dressed for market hopping is an adventure in itself, meeting kindred fash-spirits and just soaking in the music and the vibe is something that to me is waaaay more fun than going to the latest club. Finding hidden treasures and vintage goodies at rock-bottom prices is the cherry on the already incredibly delicious cake. This week I'd like to share pictures of the markets in Glebe held every Saturday at the local school grounds. Glebe is one of the most eclectic suburbs in Sydney and over the years the market there has become a must on my weekend wandering to-do list. So much soo that my entire collection of the Christmas goodie bag from the boy was sourced at the Glebe market. To me it is like having a little slice of home over the weekend with all the dazzling array of colour, liveliness and the crowds. I'll just let the pictures do all the talking.

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