Saturday, June 30, 2012

Turquoised Ikat

Ikat dress from the Glebe markets, silver and turquoise jewellery from India, Boots: Wittner

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my tie-dye, block print, shibori, ikat and ethnic fabrics therefore it comes as no surprise that I love this dress that combines crochet detailing with Ikat in a blue colour that makes me feel like I am dressed in lapis lazuli. And I woke up to this glorious weather on market saturday, the smiley in the sky echoes my sentiments completely.

I am off to the markets and might do a post on people watching and market trawling later today. Happy Saturday all.


songbird said...

so glad you found my blog!a bengali in aussie your ikat dress and the whole look:)

tanaya said...

Thanks...How did you know I was Bengali though? Loved your DIY pastel hair...Your posts makes me miss home

songbird said...

i don't know i just guessed only a bengali would miss calcutta and the phuchkas like that you know!you don't get the same phuchka anywhere else in india.