Saturday, June 23, 2012

My new love: Canon 600d

After months and months of trying to save I just figured out that my camera of choice the Canon 550d was actually going out of stock pretty quickly at the brick and mortar shops and I decided to go check if there were any left. Secure in the knowledge that the online retailers had plenty I was in no panic. Basically just wanted to play with cameras in the shop. Therefore come Thursday evening when the shops are open till nine pm, the boy and I started doing the rounds of the electronic shops. Finally at the last shop on our list we discovered later model in stock, at almost as good as the online price or will be after I get the GST back. And the smart smart shop assistant let me hold a new one just out of the box and I grabbed hold of it said "MINE" in this guttural squeak and made puppy eyes at my boy. Being the sweet-heart he is, out came his debit card and suddenly my babie was mine. And not only that I don't even have to pay him the whole amount back because apparently I didn't get enough of a birthday present this year. He has agreed to only let me pay about two-thirds of the price. Don't I have the most generous boy-friend in the world?

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