Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fringed by the sea

Silk tunic, Boots, Silver Jewellery, Bag: India, Stockings: Tibetan markets, Beanie: Hippy shop in the Blue Mountains, Granny Sweater: Vintage from the Bondi Markets

A Sunday afternoon spent walking the bushland in Sydney's North shore looking for ancient aboriginal rock art and generally soaking in some time with nature. All the lizards were in hibernation, tonnes of pretty birds flying about, breathtaking views of the harbour, a secluded beach to run around in, rocky coves and almost tropical foliage to wonder at. This is why I love Sydney soooooo much, I am in the hustle and bustle of the city with all the modern amenities one minute and the next, in the middle of the forest, smelling the fresh pine-esque smell, one is never far away from the beach, harbour or the coves.

After reading the signs about native wild-life and noticing about six kinds of monstrous lizards listed I did arm myself with a branch but knew if I spotted any creepy crawlies I would have let out a blood curdling scream, attempted running away, scared the poor creature half to death and probably passed out.

How pretty is my fringy bag-friend??? I loovvvvvvve tassles/ fringe on anything and was going swish swish with it all day till I eventually felt a little dizzy from being a blur. These shoes have got to be one of my favourites and I smile in my sleep everytime I think about them. They were wonderful and comfortable to run around in, walk in the uneven bush, run up and down wet stone steps, climb trees and skip on the rocks. All afternoon was spent doing the above till we were tired as well as super hungry and went in search of a decent baguette and saucisson. A magical ending to an awesome sunny, winter weekend. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.


Cecilie Torp said...

How cute!

Cecilie Torp said...


songbird said...

i woould have been so scared that i wouldn't even be able to scream probably!love that bag so much!!!i am trying to find one exactly like that actually!!..love the look:)

Keit said...

That bag is just too cool! And the booties too!

tanaya said...

Thank you ladies! So sweet of you'll to say such nice things :D