Monday, July 9, 2012

Block print love

Scallop edge suede shorts: Kookai, Indian Block Print top: Glebe markets, Jewellery: India and Markets, Tooled leather bag: Bondi Markets, Boots: Italian pop-up shop

Another beautiful sunny winter Sunday spent stomping around coastal walks in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. A relaxed day spent watching ice skaters and hitting the markets on the Bondi beach, eating, walking, taking pictures, talking and generally having a great time before the rush of another week filled with work.

Wore this beautiful Indian Block print top with scalloped suede shorts, LOOK no leggings (it was that warm and sunny) plus another pair of comfy leather booties and my usual array of neck bling. My shoulder hurt, probably messed it up sleeping up-side down or something therefore I decided to put all that I wanted to carry into the boy's back-pack but then went to the Bondi Markets and found this Vintage tooled leather beauty.

It was down to $5 and two girls had already snatched it up but then put it back because the metal clasp was broken. The girl selling it wondered if I would still want it, AS IF I'd let a trivial thing like a broken clasp stop me from loving a vintage find. And as soon as I paid I plonked all my things inside, hurt shoulder forgotten felt like the richest girl in the world. And then off we went exploring the brilliant views and bush along the coast. Hope everyone had a great Sunday!


Poppy Lee Jones said...

thanks for the comment, I'm glad I inspired you!

and this is such a cute outfit, I looove the bag! xx

songbird said...

oh my sister has loads of prints like that..i am slowly realising the potential in her kurti this look..see now where in kolkata will i find a vintage bag that too for only that much?!

tanaya said...

Thanks so much Poppy :D

Aaah i know just what to get you Debi :D