Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In which I wear Pashmina and twirl

Corduroy shorts: Factorie, Boots: Vinnies, Bag: Fossil, Pashmina: India, DIY-ed, Head-band: Sportsgirl, Leather braided belt: India, Grey cotton sweater: Jay Jays

This shawl is one of the finest examples of Ladakhi pashmina I've ever come across and trust me I have owned/ bought/ and played with many. I love the warmth, the feel of the softness against my skin and to me it was already perfect but then during one of my long college holidays I was bored and just obsessively made beaded jewellery, embroidered everything in sight and stitched beads and sequins on to everything. And during that needle and bead attack I also worked my craziness on this shawl and found it recently in my pile of random lurking objects at the bottom of my wardrobe. And since then I've been wearing it non-stop, twirling till I get dizzy. Most of the pictures taken for this outfit post looked like this one.

These boots are one of my favourite thrifted/ vintage finds EVER. I was trawling the internet for the longest time for a good quality sqarish toed 90s vintage boots and then I walked into the Paddo Vinnies randomly and found them sitting on the top shelf. Buttery soft leather, perfectly worn in, with scuffs just where I want them, ankle length, made in Portugal and for $15, SCORE and a half. I mean seriously sometimes I wonder why I buy things new at all, the joy of finding the perfect vintage beauty in just the right size is so much better than just walking into a shoe store and getting a pair that I know atleast a few more girls will be wearing. Okay I am not going start off on a rant about sustainable/ recycled/ vintage/ thrifted fashion but just saying its much more like a treasure hunt and who doesn't like treasure hunts?

Now on to the belt, you can't really see it clearly but again its the perfectly worn in leather that I love and its got this massive silver buckle thing that makes it even more perfect. It was bought from a hippie on one of my many visits to the flea markets on the beaches of Goa and always brings back memories of awesome times. This look may not be super put together or anything but I was just going to get a hot dog by the Wooloomooloo wharfs with the boy and just piled some of my favourite things on top of each other. I will leave you with pictures of the hotdog at Sydney's iconic Harry’s CafĂ© de Wheels, a mobile food caravan operating since the 1930s and is now declared as a 'quintessential Sydney icon' by the national trust of Australia. Happy mid-week people.


Ali Hval said...

oh wow, you thrifted those boots?! They look amazing! I was going to guess that they were a pretty expensive investment... seriously, they look so high-fashion. I love how chunky they are. :)

And that pop of green around your head is the perfect way to finish your outfit. You look loovely!

Poppy Lee Jones said...

awesome photos and i looove the outfit! the boots are PERFECTION! xx

Nancie Mwai said...

awesome look...i swear i want your them.xx

Charlotte said...

Omg I love the outfit, so hippie. You suit it sooo well. I wish it was that summery here :(
click ❤

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Jessille said...

hello dear.about to fllw u back but i dont see u among my followers:)

Allie said...

Great outfit! I'm LOVING the boots! They are such a great piece to have!
Def. following!



Anonymous said...

awesome shoessss!!

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Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

LOVE THE BOOTS! And cool photos!

Inggrid Monalita said...

great post!
come by and lets fllw each other if you love to do:)

Anthea Lau said...

sweet look :)
thanks for the love honey, but I can't see you on my GFC yet. I'm following on bloglovin'.

Keit said...

I was just about to tell you that those booties are so cool, then I read they were from a thrift store. Really? That's a hell of a good find!
Absolutely agree about buying clothes from vintage shops. It's really a treasure hunt, there's a thrill and just like you said it's one of a kind!

songbird said...

speaking like chandler bing -could those boots BE anymore rad!
love the pashmina and they headband too..those shorts are awesome!


woow! veeery cool look! i like this headpiece and poncho!!