Thursday, July 12, 2012

Silk and crochet

Balinese silk dressing gown and belt: Op shopped, Crochet dress: Vintage, Bondi markets, Jewellery: Glebe markets,India and Mexico, Boots: India, Leggings: Tibetan market

Such a gloomy gloomy Thursday, the boy was sickety sick, i felt under the weather, the skies matched our mood therefore I decided to wear something that would cheer me up and added turquoise to the mixture to up the happy. I think I am happy with the result, I mean a keen eye can spot residual gloomy-ness creeping into the pictures but atleast I made an effort.

This crochet dress is another yummy vintage find from the Bondi markets and I am happy to say I now cannot imagine my life without it. Seriously I don't know what I'd do without band tees, denim, leather, crochet and block print cotton and silk AND silver jewellery loads and loads of silver jewellery. Okay all this rambling is happening because I have been planning my packing and cannot take all my favourite things. Ten weeks without all my pretty beauties in a country that is filled with chauvinistic men and people who think women who dress in sleeveless tops are asking to be eve-teased or raped is looking pretty daunting.

Thank God I have my lovely family to keep me company. Gaaah where I can fill a petition to get the airlines to increase their luggage allowance?


Payal Patel said...

Babe..i loved the crochet top..can you get one for me too..ofcourse in two sizes bigger :)

Keit said...

Blah, my favorite thing in the whole world- being teased because of the way I dress -_- It's great you have your family with you and by the way, totally know how it is with packing :D Try taking only the vital beauties in your wardrobe...(sorry for the dumb advice) :D

tanaya said...

Oh you should see how bad India is, its among the worst countries in the world in terms of safety for women :( I am trying and trying to decide what is vital hehe...No advice is dumb hun...I love your comments :D

Nancie Mwai said...

love crotchet...looking good.xx

tanaya said...

thank you very much Nancy...I looovvvvve African fabrics :D

Sazi Efionayi said...

love the combinations

lovely photos

tanaya said...

Thank you ver much Sazi :D

songbird said...

tell about it!it sucks..i don't know but if you heard of the guwahati mob molestation casse..
i feel sick..i don't wear shorts and mini skirts because of the area i live in & the regular rickshaw rides..
love the crochet and the jewellery is rad as ever!