Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Hardest Part of Letting Go... Sealed With a Kiss

Skirt: Gifted by a friend, Megadeth tank: Diy-ed tee, Boots: Zara, Beanie: Factorie, Silk Shirt: Thrifted, Jewellery: India

Title Reference: Megadeth Song

Sooooo this morning, we went up a lane on our street to take advantage of the shining sun and click a few shots of what I was wearing. The lane was quiet, had loads of foliage and I just said "It looks like a cat might live here". And as soon as the words were out of my mouth the boy went "Regarde Le chat" (Look a cat) and my eyes feel on this beaaaautiful kitty called Toby who was sunbathing, purring and generally saying "Come pet me". Aaaaaaah Bliss! Therefore taking pictures of my outfit took a back-seat and cuddling the kitty became of paramount importance. I was sooooo sad to have to let him go, it broke my heart hence the title of the post.

The last picture of my neck bling has my tee covered in Cat-hair...I think it kinda adds character to the tank. This is something I wear on constant rotation, the top is one of my favourites and everyone knows I love all my shoes equally, making the outfit super comfortable and although not highly imaginative its something I really like. The 100% silk shirt is a thrift find that delighted me for $5 at the local Op-shop. To top off the sunny weekend, I had the most amazing luck at the beach markets in Bondi, cannot wait to show the latest acquisitions here. Have a great Sunday everyone.


songbird said...

the necklaces are fab..where did you get them from here?
love that skirt and tee..thrift shopping for cool stuff is what i envy all you bloggers living outside of india..

Tugba Seckin said...

Sooo sweet :) very nice blog. Cant believe I wasnt following you :)

tanaya said...

Thanks so much Debi...One of them was a gift and the rest are from shops in Pune...Are you seriously jealous of people shopping outside of India? Gaaah India is the best place for jewellery and textiles and with tailoring still being soooo cheap its soooo easy to get anything one fancies made!!! I LOVE shopping in India...The prices are as cheap as flea markets here if not cheaper!!! I can't wait to transform my wardrobe from drab to fab while I am in India :D

Thanks soooo much for your comment Tugba...Do you have a blog I can check out? :D

Keit said...

That kitty is too cute! And so are you! Btw, might I beg you to put up bigger photos???? ^_^ love your outfits so much, they're so darn original! Really!

songbird said...

haha not jealous really!but i miss doing it not because i have done it in the past but i see all my blogger friends doing it..and honestly i don't find much in kolkata..other cities have more to offer..