Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wishful Sinful

Crochet skirt: Vintage, Bondi markets, Jim Morrison tank: Ancient Diy-ed, Boots: India, Back-pack: Stussy, Wool hat: Myers (I think) Jewellery: All over

Mr. Morrison makes me go weak in my knees, all wistful and wishing I was born in the swinging sixties. I louvvvvvve this tank that I've had forever but never ceases to please me and seems to go with everything. Even a shapeless crochet skirt that I threaded a string of elastic through. Wore it this afternoon to walk around the neighborhood running errands, it was a warm-ish day and therefore the lack of woollen layering and leggings. So much fun!

This skirt is not very stable, I need to keep re-tying the elastic to keep it over my hips and then I met this adorable over excited puppy and it almost fell on a heap near my ankles. Only super quick reflexes saved me from being skirtless in the middle of the street, although come to think of it I'd probably have giggled uncontrollably and pulled it up like its nothing out of the ordinary. Ah well!

These shoes are my current love and are on a high rotation with everything I wear. Apart from that I don't really have much to say because I have just discovered that this weekend both Saturday and Sunday are going to be super nice and sunny therefore I am day dreaming about weekend exploits about to happen. The boy just needs to hurry up and beat the flu bugs. Happy mid-week everyone!


songbird said...

love the tee ..jim all the way!even if the skirt was wonky on your waist it looks fab..

Keit said...

Hahahha, I know how it is with a wobbly skirt, had to pull it up a thousand times :D This is a super cool outfit, very rockable, especially the booties!

Nancie Mwai said...

sorry about the skirt, I totally love it and your boots are awesome. This is th first time on your blog and I love it plus I'm following on bloglovin.xx

Poppy Lee Jones said...

thank you so much for the lovely comment!

this outfit's so cute, looove the tee!
and I know exactly what you mean about living in the sixties.. I was definitely born in the wrong era as well, haha! xx

tanaya said...

thank you so much girls...its so much fun blogging and meeting fab girls like you'll :D