Sunday, July 22, 2012

Turquoise suede

Suede jacket: Vinnies, Paddington, Tunic: Cotton-on, Heels: Witchery

Okay I know this look is not super put together or anything; neither is the background pretty; sorry about that btw, the whole point of this post is the turquoise suede jacket. I know what you are thinking if the point is the jacket why didn't I just put it on a hanger and take pictures? Well because it fits me amazingly well, in the sense that its not too fitted and its not too anti-fit either aka PERFECT. Okay I know turquoise suede jackets are not that uncommon or anything but these are thrifted, bought for almost nothing, fit me perfectly! I mean seriously how much more can one ask for?

I was soooo excited with this bargain buy that I've been wearing it non-stop even when the boy decided to make some carbonara at home yesterday evening. I dressed for our at home dinner-date in this little tunic, my fave jacket, turquoise anklets and heels. Since I dress for myself why should I have to wait to go out to doll up? We took the photos after dinner and to tell you the truth I didn't like the pictures but I still decided to put them up. I think its not really about putting up perfect pictures we have fashion magazines for that, its about sharing what I find exciting. And I find amazing thrift finds extremely fun therefore you have this entire post of me rambling about my awesome suede beauty. Happy Saturday everyone!


Poppy Lee Jones said...

the jacket's so lovely! you look great! xx

Anthea Lau said...

thanks for the love honey, I'm following you on bloglovin' too :)

Keit said...

Seriously, I think we're soul mates, totally agree with everything! Thrifting is so fun, especially when you find something that FITS you :D In fact I'm making a post soon, about my new thrifted goodies :D
Oh and yeah, that jacket rocks! :)

tanaya said...

Thank you very much girls, honestly all three of your blogs are so inspiring to me and I keep checking waiting for your new posts. Thanks for all the love x

Sofie said...

lovely outfit dear! :) and nude heels are really cute!

I followed you! :)
Please check out my blog and I hope you would follow me back! xx

Jacy said...

This outfit is so cute!! I love that you've paired a colored jacket over a neutral romper, rather than the other way around, which people more typically do. Gorgeous look!



such a cool look! very chic and feminine!!!

songbird said...

love the jacket..and i almost missed the anklet..ah pleasure of finding such treasures