Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ruby Wednesday

Red leopard pants: Dr Denim, Boots: Don't remember, Sweater: thrifted, Tee: Cut up thrifted tee, Hand of Fatima necklace: Christmas gift, Coral necklace: India, Rings: Various markets

This is my idea of comfy winter cosies, soft worn in tee-shirt over 100% merino wool sweater, soft stretchy pants, wool socks and chunky boots. Wore this in the morning because I wanted to be relaxed and snug, had a million errands to run, had to walk around in the cold and go see my GP. I have started on making lists and attempting to pre-plan and pack for the upcoming back-packing trip accross India buttttttt I cannot for the life of me pack light. Trying to pick just three pairs out of my innumerable shoes alone took me ages, I was super scared of hurting the feelings of my other babies.

I cannot think of much to say since the boy is obsessed with the Tour de France, there is non-stop commentary and the French country side is distracting me by looking super green and pretty. Hope everyone is having a great week, two more days to the weekend Yaaay!


songbird said...

love the outfit!!the tee is awesome and those pants!!♥
you are gonna document this trip on your blog right?!looking forward to it..

tanaya said...

Thanks Debi...Yes will be documenting the trip, think its going to be crazy fun :D
P.S Check your email :D

Keit said...

Hahahah, packing is always difficult for me, it seems endless!
Love the outfit! It's wonderful you prefer to be comfy! I always do :D

Joy Shana said...

cute look,nice blog, follow each other?

Anonymous said...

very very cool outfit!

Joy Shana said...

Followed u on bloglovin